Updated 8 November 2017

This section contains links to many YouTube videos that will interest TS-590 owners.


 Title / LinkDateAuthorDescription
1Clean Digital Signals Tutorial8-May-2014Nige Coleman, G7CNFDetails of how to set up the Windows Volume Mixer gain levels correctly and how to make sure the signal sampling rates are correct. Although prepared for an SDR transceiver, the principles in this tutorial apply equally to the TS-590. A must-view for everyone transmitting digital signals
2How to interface a sound card for Ham Radio23-Sep-2007Randy Hall, K7AGEA look at homebrew and commercial soundcard interfaces for PSK31, RTTY, SSTV and other digital modes
3VAC: Installation and Initialisation of Virtual Audio Cable with PowerSDR Digi-Modes27-Jul-2013Nige Coleman, G7CNFUse of PowerSDR with digi-modes requires a means to interface the AFSK between the program and the hardware. Traditionally this is done with a hardware interface. In SDR this is no longer necessary and the AFSK can remain in the digital domain right up to the radio.
This video explores the installation and setting up of VAC and the relevent settings in PowerSDR and an example of how to set it up with the popular WSJT-X by Joe Taylor (JT65 and JT9)
4VAC: Virtual Audio Cables for software defined radio GSDR and WSJT-x8-Mar-2016Nick HackoDownload, installation and setting of Virtual Audio Cables [VAC] for software defined radio GSDR application and WSJT-x
5VB_Audio Virtual Audio Cable Installation and Use Guide19-Jun-2016The Frugal StreamerThis guide shows you have to install VAC and how it can be used to take your livestream and recording to the next level
6WSJT-X Digital Modes19-Oct-2015LAMCO Configuring the Kenwood TS-590SG for WSJT-X



 Title / LinkDateAuthorDescription
1MFSK16 Overview with SSTV21-Sep-2017Tony, K2MODescription of MFSK Modes
2MT63 A Robust HF Chat Mode21-Sep-2007Tony, K2MOIZ8BLY's MT63 Software
3Digital Mode Identifier Video27-Nov-2013Tony, K2MOWaterfall display of several digital mode signals
4Tutorial How to decode Weather Fax on Shortwave Using FLDIGI26-Jan-2016OfficialSWLchannel, VE3CNUHow to Decode HF Fax Transmissions using FLDIGI software
5Sounds of HF Radio - Digital Modes and other Unusual Sounds26-Jun-2011Gough LuiA collection of various digital modes used by utilities, mariners and amateur radio users. There are various modes such as XSL, TADIL, HFDL, Pactor, CW, HF Fax, Packet, JT, ALE, DRM, RTTY and various OFDM schemes
6TCodec 2 - Open Source Speech Coding at 2400 bit/s and Below19-Jan-2012David RoweCodec2 is an open source low bit rate speech codec designed for communications quality speech at around 2400 bit/s. Applications include low bandwidth HF/VHF digital radio and VOIP trunking. Codec 2 operating at 2000 bit/s can send 32 phone calls using the bandwidth required for one 64 kbit/s uncompressed phone call. It fills a gap in open source, free-as-in-speech voice codecs beneath 5000 bit/s and is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
16-Mar-2011Tony, K2MOWinDRM was developed by Cesco, HB9TLK from the broadcast standard known as Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM). It uses an open source encoder/decoder called DREAM. WinDRM provides an efficient and robust method to exchange information over HF including Digital Voice. It runs efficiently under Windows and does not require any transceiver modifications. It can be used with any SSB HF rig with a computer and sound card setup similar to what is used to run PSK31. A USB microphone headset is required for voice input / output
8FreeDV, the new HF digital audio program for Radio Amateurs10-Dec-2012Bruce PerensWatch when it's switched to analog SSB. The SSB bandwidth is about 3 times that of the digital audio. Also note the diagonal black streaks across the waterfall display. That's fading, probably from two reflections arriving out of phase. There is a glitch when Tony goes to switch to SSB. maybe feedback on his side. The ID on the bottom is coming in during the silent periods between wordsfreedv
96M band meteor scatter qso with MSK144 mode13-Dec-2016VE2XKQso demonstration on meteor scatter with WSJT-X on MSK144 mode . Using the Flex 5000A and approx 400 W with my KPA500 into my 6 ele Cubex quad Killer Bee . Best view full screen and 1080p mode



 Title / LinkDateAuthorDescription
1How to receive PSK-31, Introduction11-Aug-2007Randy, K7AGEHow to get Digipan up and running in a few minutes receiving PSK31 without needing any interface boxes or cables. I have even uploaded a video of PSK activity on 20 meters for you to practice receiving PSK31 and using Digipan
2HOT TIP: for BPSK-3111-Jan-2015The Radio HobbyistHere's a tip for those of you using narrow band digital modes, of which PSK-31 is one. Here I make a DX contact across the Atlantic into Portugal. Then I demonstrate how to use your bandwidth filters to really boost the DX signal
3How to adjust transmitter level for PSK-31 Ham Radio18-Nov-2007Randy, K7AGEThis video shows how to correctly setup your transmit audio level to insure clean PSK31 signals
4PSK-31 UPPER lower Case Test16-Oct-2013Randy, K7AGEI made this video for part of my PACIFON PSK-31 forum, and I thought I would share this with my youtube viewers
51-"Getting Started with Fldigi/NBEMS"11-Feb-2017Rick Frost, K4REFFirst in a series on learning to use Fldigi and NBEMS
62-"Fldigi Set Up & Configuration for New Users"11-Feb-2017Rick Frost, K4REFHow to set up and configure Fldigi for first time users
73-"Fldigi UI and Basic Operations"
24-Feb-2017Rick Frost, K4REFShows Fldigi's User Interface and basic Transmit & Receive Operations
84-"Using Macros in Fldigi & Using Flwrap"25-Feb-2017Rick Frost, K4REFMacros in Fldigi
95-"Flmsg Configuration & Operations"17-Feb-2017Rick Frost, K4REFSet Up, Configuration and Basic Operations of Flmsg for new users
106-"Flamp Configuration & Operations"26-Feb-2017Rick Frost, K4REFHow to send files with the Fldigi system
11What Is Winlink?15-Apr-2015Rick Frost, K4REFAn introduction to the Winlink world-wide system for transferring email via radio
12WSJT-X: JT65 - Basic Beginner Tutorial18-Jan-2016Jeff McGrathA "quick" example I created when I was first getting started with Digital Modes on Ham Radio. Specifically WSJT-X
13WSJT-X JT-ALERT Automatically Logs To HRDLog
17-Dec-2016K0PIRWSJT-X JT-ALERT Automatically Logs To HRDLog
14New Digital Mode FT-8 17-Jul-2017SignalsearchHam Radio Digital Mode for the Fast & Furious! A short demonstration on the new digital mode FT-8 developed by K1JT & K9AN. Part of the WSJT-X software suite. We'll go over how to call CQ, and a basic QSO of this mode
15FT-8, The New HF/6m Digital Mode, Introduction For Beginners30-Jul-2017Eric, KJ4YZIHere is a new digital mode that comes to you from the makers of JT-9 and JT-65.. Called FT-8 (Franke-Taylor design, 8FSK modulation). A weak signal mode that is not as sensitive to JT-65/9 but definitely something that will work when voice and CW will not. This is an introduction to someone who has never heard of it, or never has used JT-65 before. It may not be for everyone, but everyone should try it. [Additional note: make sure you use the latest version/release candidate of the software. At present (September 2017) the current version is RC 2]
16Quick-Start Guide to Automatic Link Establishment (ALE)16-Oct-2012Tony, K2MOHow to install PC-ALE
17*** N E W ***
19-Oct-2015LAM CommunicationsConfiguring the Kenwood TS-590SG for WSJT-X