NOSintro – TCP/IP over Packet Radio

An Introduction to the KA9Q Network Operating System

by Ian Wade, G3NRW



"I just received my copy of your book last night and I think it's GREAT!! It helped me fix a few problems with my JNOS setup after only glancing thru it for a few minutes. From now on I shall call your NOSintro the NOS-Bible." – Bob Merritt, KA4BYP.

"Your book is well designed and I will recommend it to radio amateurs in the Netherlands in my column Radio and Computer in Electron." – Kees Olivier, PA1AIO.

"I am VERY impressed. Thanks for your many hours of effort. You have made NOS a lot more understandable and usable – and I've been running NOS here for more than 3 years!" – Alan D Scott, N9ABC, Department of Anatomy, Indiana University School of Medicine.

"I must congratulate you on an excellent book. I found the book struck just the right balance between theory and practice." – Fred Dawson, G1HCM.

"The NOSintro book is an excellent piece of technical writing that should become the standard reference work on TCP/IP over packet radio." – Terry Thirlwell, G8AHS.

"It's 350+ pages, and appears to be quite thorough. The few chapters I've had time to browse are rather readable, with good illustrations and plenty of examples." – Brian Kantor, WB6CYT, University of California.

"Thank you for your copy of NOSintro which I received safely last Friday. As it happened, I had a bad night and ended up by reading it in the small hours, and can accordingly give you a free testimonial as to its efficacy in putting one to sleep at 0500!" – Smudge Lundegard, G3GJW, former RSGB Council Member and BARTG President

"I am professionally involved in communications and networking, and it is one of the most lucid books on the subject I have seen." – John Lee, York.

"I have just obtained a copy of your book and am very impressed with it. It must have been a major undertaking to pack so much detailed information into such a concise but very readable format. I think your diagrams are immensely helpful in this respect." – David, GM4XNQ.

"This gives the best and most comprehensive hands-on introduction to the KA9Q Network Operating System that I've come across. Diagrams, screen displays and so on make reading of what is, essentially, a "heavy" subject quite light going, even for me! I would recommend the book to both old hands on TCP/IP as well as advanced beginners who'd like to go one further than what is often regarded as the "common" type of packet radio." – Chris Lorek, G4HCL, Ham Radio Today.

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