NOSintro – TCP/IP over Packet Radio

An Introduction to the KA9Q Network Operating System

by Ian Wade, G3NRW


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Published by Dowermain Ltd, 86 Princess Street, Luton LU1 5AT, United Kingdom

ISBN: 1-897649-00-2


356 pages of invaluable information for setting up KA9Q NOS.

Fully illustrated with over 80 clear, detailed diagrams.


In NOSintro you'll find a wealth of practical information, hints and tips for setting up and maintaining the KA9Q Network Operating System (NOS).

The book concentrates on KA9Q in a packet radio environment, but most of the coverage is applicable to dial-up use via a modem as well.

The emphasis is on hands-on practicalities. You'll see exactly:

Theoretical coverage is kept to a minimum – just enough to provide a framework for the hands-on sessions, so you get a good understanding of what's happening without being submerged in a morass of superfluous detail.


What NOSintro Covers

NOSintro is a practical, "hands-on" book, liberally illustrated with over 80 line drawings showing how everything fits together, together with countless examples of keyboard commands and file layouts.

The book covers the following topics:

The Appendices contain example listings of all the "NOS" control files, a Command Set Reference Guide, and other useful reference information.

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