NOSintro – TCP/IP over Packet Radio

An Introduction to the KA9Q Network Operating System

by Ian Wade, G3NRW



NOS has over 80 separate commands, and getting your mind around them is not a 5-minute job! Also, most of the commands have several options, complicating matters even further. This chapter puts the commands into logical groups, and provides a brief description of each one. In later chapters we will look at most of them again in much more detail. (See Appendix 2 for full command syntax information).


Session Manager Commands

? (or help) lists the main command names
F10 (or ESC) returns you to the Session Manager net> prompt
attended defines whether station is attended
cls clears the screen
dump displays memory contents
escape defines the Session Manager escape character
exit exits from NOS back to DOS
fkey defines function keys and cursor control keys
info displays NOS release information
isat ("is AT") defines method of system clock handling
lock locks the keyboard
log logs NOS sessions
memory displays memory utilisation
multitask allows NOS multitasking
ps displays process status
! (or shell) escapes to a DOS subshell
record records a session in a file
source runs a NOS command file
status displays Session Manager status
test performs a system test
trace traces packet traffic
watch calculates execution times
watchdog controls NOS restart after failure

Directory Access Commands

cd changes DOS directory
delete deletes a file
dir lists the files in a directory
mkdir makes a DOS directory
pwd displays current DOS directory
rmdir removes a DOS directory


File Access Commands

more displays a file a page at a time
rename renames a file
tail displays the last few lines of a file
upload uploads a file


Session Control Commands

abort aborts an FTP transfer
close closes a session normally
connect initiates an AX.25 connection
disconnect terminates an AX.25 connection
kick wakes up a NOS client
reset forces a connection to close
session displays session status
skick kicks a socket
start starts a NOS server
stop stops a NOS server


NOS BBS Commands

bbs calls your own NOS BBS
lzw controls data compression
mail calls external mailer
mbox displays mailbox status
motd defines "message of the day"
pop, popmail handles reverse forwarding of SMTP mail
smtp controls the SMTP client
telnet calls a remote NOS BBS
third-party controls third-party message handling

FTP Commands

abort aborts an FTP transfer
echo controls command echoing
eol controls end-of-line handling
ftp initiates a file transfer session
ftype sets default file transfer type (ASCII or binary)


Status Commands

arp displays ARP address table
asystat displays asynchronous port status
drsistat displays DRSI interface status
dump displays memory contents
eaglestat displays Eagle interface status
etherstat displays Ethernet status
hapnstat displays HAPN interface status
icmp displays ICMP status
ifconfig displays an interface configuration and status
ip status displays IP status
mbox displays mailbox status
memory displays memory status
nntp displays network news status
nrstat displays NET/ROM status
param displays tnc parameters
ps displays process status
sccstat displays SCCS interface status
session displays session status
socket displays socket status
tcp status displays TCP status
udp displays UDP status


Routing Commands

autoroute remembers IP routing
ax25 route
manipulates the AX.25 routing table (digipeaters)
hop traces the route to a remote station
netrom route manipulates the NET/ROM routing table
rip controls the Routing Interface Protocol
route manipulates the IP routing table
rspf controls the Radio Shortest Path First protocol

Network Client and Server Commands

bbs starts a local NOS BBS session
chat starts a chat session
finger starts a finger session
ftp starts a file transfer session
kick kicks a client
mode sets up transfer mode (datagram or virtual circuit)
nntp handles network news
ping pings a remote station
pop handles SMTP reverse forwarding
rarp handles reverse ARP
remote handles remote control of a station
reset aborts a session
rlogin starts an rlogin session
smtp handles the SMTP client
start starts a network server (listener)
stop stops a network server
telnet starts a remote NOS BBS session
telnet 25 starts an SMTP session
telnet 87 starts a chat session
tip communicates directly with tnc/modem
ttylink starts a chat session


Interface Commands

attach attaches an interface
detach detaches an interface
ifconfig configures an interface


Trace Commands

domain trace traces domain cache handling
hop trace traces packets to nominated destination
icmp trace traces ICMP packets
nntp trace traces network news packets
rip trace traces routing broadcasts
smtp trace traces SMTP mail handling
tcp trace traces TCP packets
trace traces network interface packets

TNC/Modem Commands

comm sends commands to a tnc/modem
dialer runs a tnc/modem initialisation script
param sets tnc parameters
ppp controls point-to-point protocol
tip communicates directly with a tnc/modem


Network Name and Address Commands

arp manipulates Address Resolution Protocol table
bootp, bootpd handles network booting
domain handles domain caching
hostname sets local host name



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