Updated 21 February 2018

This section contains links to many (mostly) YouTube videos that will interest IC-7300 owners.
When you watch these videos, be sure to read the viewers’ comments as well. They often contain additional information that adds to the understanding of the video.



 Title / LinkDateAuthorDescription
1Icom 7300 Quick Start Review27-Jul-2016K1GMMA brief open box start up of the Icom 7300 and quick start to get up and going. Way too much to get into in one video but this is the jist of getting it sounding good and getting on the air
2IC-7300 HF/50mhz transceiver complete review demo6-Apr-2016Ham Radio ConceptsHere is the brand new IC-7300 transceiver from Icom, which is absolutely AMAZING. This video will show you all about it.
3In-depth with Icom's IC-7300 Transceiver17-Mar-2017AmateurLogic.TVA detailed look at Icom's Innovative IC-7300 Transceiver. Complete review of most features and operation plus your questions answered
4Introduction to the Icom IC-7300 HF/50/70MHz Transceiver9-Mar-2016Icom UKChris Ridley (G8GKC), Bob Rogers (M0KKW) and Ian Lockyer (2E0IAJ) from Icom UK give an overview of the IC-7300 HF/50/70MHz transceiver, Icom's first Software Defined Radio (SDR) HF radio. In this video the Icom team give an overview of its many functions/features that include: • High Quality Real-Time Spectrum Scope • RF Direct Sampling System • Class Leading Phase Noise Characteristics • High-Resolution Waterfall Function • Audio Scope Function • Large Touch Screen Colour TFT LCD and menu driven system • Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner • Easy to hear sound quality
5Reviewing the IC-7300 Software Defined Radio (SDR) HF Radio19-May-2016Icom UKWith the help from Bob McCreadie (G0FGX) of TX Films, this video features Chris Ridley (G8GKC) who goes through the range of functions that the IC-7300, Icom's first Software Defined Radio (SDR) HF radio has to offer and goes on to explain why its recent introduction has been such a game changer



 Title / LinkDateAuthorDescription
1Common Problems and Saving / Reloading Settings18-Jun-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchSaving Icom IC-7300 settings to an SD card. Also, how to deal with screeching feedback, and no output on transmit for SSB
2My Number One Tip for Beginners26-Jul-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchIt is often said, but reading the manual can be the number one way to figure out any issues that you are having with a device. Have no fear, however, since I will keep making videos, to break down the details that you want to know about the IC-7300. In the episode, I give my impression of the IC-7300 Basic and Full Manual
3Using Band Edges and Setting Up The Waterfall27-Jun-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchGetting to the band scope, setting the band scope to full screen, configuring band edges, and how to display your transmitted signal in the waterfall
4Setting and Using Voice Memories24-Jun-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchRecording and naming voice TX memories. Also how to transmit a voice memory once, how to loop the voice memory, and how to change the delay between transmissions
5How to Key CW Without a Key, Paddle or Bug14-Jun-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchDo you have an Icom IC-7300, and a manual tuner, but no CW key? If so, here is a quick way to get the IC-7300 to transmit CW, using only the mic. This method does not require the use of a dongle for the tuner connection, leaving you with the ability to use an automatic tuner between the radio and amplifier, and still be able to use the manual tuner after the amplifier
6Firmware Update25-Oct-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchUpdating the firmware on the IC-7300 is a straightforward process, if you keep in mind that it is possible to brick the radio, if you don't follow the precautions. The biggest hitch in the process, that I have heard about, is that you have to hold down the Yes button, to start the update. This is covered in this video. Enjoy, and thanks for watching!
7Checking Your Frequency Accuracy with WWV5-Oct-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchIf you suspect that your IC-7300 is off of the dial frequency, it is easy to check, and set, with your regional broadcast time standard. I am in North America, and use WWV in this video, but you could use WWVH, CHU or other shortwave time standards
8Selecting and Adjusting Filtering1-Oct-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchA quick introduction to selecting, and adjusting the filtering on the IC-7300
9Using Instant and Plotted SWR Meters2-Oct-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchBesides being able to check your SWR to protect your transceiver, being able to plot your SWR can help you with using a transmatch, and can also help you trim your antenna into a tuned state
10Displaying your Callsign and Using Screen Capture10-Oct-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchStraight from the manual, these are two features that I use frequently. Configuring your radio to display your callsign allows you to keep track of your radio at field day, and is useful to recover a stolen rig. Power button screen capture is a feature that I use to make images for posting to social media, or incorporating into training videos
11Using CW Auto-tune and Speech Annunciator11-Oct-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchStraight from the user manual, the Auto-tune button is a useful feature for CW operators. Once you are close to the other operator's frequency, you can press the auto-tune button, and the IC-7300 will tune to the correct zero beat. The speech button, just below the Auto-tune button, will read out the frequency and mode information, which is useful for vision impaired users
12Introduction to using the MFJ-993 Intellituner with the Icom IC-73007-Aug-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchAn introductory video covering the MFJ-993 Intellituner. This small automatic tuner covers 1.8MHz to 30MHz at up to 300 watts. Capable of tuning up to a 32:1 mismatch at full power, or up to 64:1 at 150 watts. The tuner has two switchable antenna jacks, and a 4:1 current BALUN
13IC-7300 Tuner Activator Switch12-Feb-2017Steve Ellington, N4LQClose the switch and your IC-7300 will output 10 watts carrier for purposes of adjusting your manual tuner or keying an auto tuner. Diode is a 1N4148 or similar. Not critical
14IC-7300 External Tuner Button Adapter13-Dec-2016Steve Ellington, N4LQHere is how to wire the plug for your IC-7300 antenna tuner button. When pressing the "Tuner" button it will output 10 watts for 10 seconds or until your tap it again
15Icom IC-7300 recording CQ15-Feb-2017Mike Woodicom 7300 CQ recording
16Installing the Icom USB Driver on Windows 714-Aug-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchThe first step to using the Icom IC-7300 with software such as RS-BA1, Ham Radio Deluxe, N1MM or others, it to install the Icom USB Driver. I'm using Windows 7, but the process is similar for other versions
17Working split with IC-730027-Jan-2017Sky WarnerWorking dxpedition on IC-7300
18IC-7300 LINKED for Diversity and DX Split7-Feb-2017Steve Ellington, N4LQUPDATE 4/4/17 Use this for dual audio headphones for 2 rigs
19IC-7300 QSK Full-Break-In Test10-Apr-2016Steve Ellington, N4LQHere is a crude demo of the QSK capability of the IC-7300. A carrier is transmitted from another source while sending dits on the tested rig. The highest cw speed that we can hear something from the breaking source reveals the QSK limitation. In this case 25 - 28 wpm would be tops. I've found it adequate for QSOs over 30 wpm. My camera seems to pick up the relay better than expected. It's not really that loud. Perhaps it was because the camera was just 6" from the radio. The fan is actually much louder than what we show here. For some reason the camera is immune to fan noise! Another observation: The IC-7300 does truncate the dits when in F-BKIN mode. Switching to semi BKIN lengthens the characters slightly. This was observed when using the 7300's internal keyer. Personally, the dits while in semi-bkin mode seemed a bit too heavy but just right in F-BKIN. Whatever.....You can hear the difference and to compensate you would have to use an external keyer. The 7300 does have a Dot/Dash Ratio setting however it's not really a "weight control" rather it sets the ratio between dits and dahs which should normally be left at 1 to 3 anyway
20Programming Memory channels in the ICom 73001-Oct-2016Motivational DIY Guy, KE8CDDIn this video I will show you how to program the memory channels on the Icom 7300
21Storing to Memory Location using the North America 60m Channels3-Aug-2017Bootstrap WorkbenchA quick tutorial on how to store frequency and mode information into memory locations, using the 5MHz / 60M North American channels
22Icom Ic-7300 manual notch filter how to9-Feb-2017Mike EisenzimmerDemonstrates manual notch filter and how to use
23** NEW ** IC-7300 with INRAD RX7300 RX Antenna Port Installation28-Feb-2017Steve Ellington, N4LQAt 7min 53sec into the video, Steve explains in this diagram some possible ways of configuring connections to the Inrad RX7300. These include using an auxiliary receiver, dual receivers, separate RX antenna, diversity reception, in-line RX filters and front-end RX protection
24** NEW ** Modifying the band-edges on the Icom IC-730010-Aug-2017Steve Venner, G0TANSteve shows how easy it is to modify the band-edge settings on the Icom IC-7300. He also shows how to change the edge setting of the fixed spectrum scope, and hence how to modify it to show the 5 MHz band. Finally, he describes the issue with the band edges should you decide to have the radio wide-banded.



 Title / LinkDateAuthorDescription
1Icom 7300 Scope settings6-May-2016Radio HobbyistThere are many questions around the Icom 7300 spectrum scope capabilities. Watch this video to learn some of the advanced features of this ground breaking ham radio from Icom
2How to interface a sound card for Ham Radio30-Sep-2016KE8CDDIn this video I will show you how to customize the Spectrum Scopes look
3Icom 7300 scope adjusted10-Jan-2017George, EI7GKBClearer and easier to see what's going on
4IC-7300 With No-Fill Spectrum27-Apr-2016Steve Ellington, N4LQAnother way of changing the display to suit
5IC-7300 SSB Tuning28-Dec-2016Steve Ellington, N4LQJust a few features of the scope
6Icom 7300 Mini Scope And Spectrum Scope Explained1-Nov-2017Rich, K0PIRThe M.SCOPE button on the front of the Icom 7300 stands for Mini Scope, not Monitor Scope. The Mini Scope IS different from the Spectrum Scope, see exactly how in this video
7Modifying the band-edges on the Icom IC-730010-Aug-2017Steve Vanner, G0TANIn this next ML&S 'Helpful-Hints' video, Steve Venner (G0TAN) shows how easy it is to modify the band-edge settings on the Icom IC-7300. He also shows how to change the edge setting of the fixed spectrum scope, and hence how to modify it to show the 5 MHz band. Finally, he describes the issue with the band edges should you decide to have the radio wide-banded
8Spectrum Scope Custom Settings Icom 730017-Sep-2016Rich, K0PIRI've customized the Icom 7300 spectrum scope settings and I like the way my spectrum scope looks. It's functional and reminds me of the Flex software I used in the past. If you're curious about the settings, this clip will show you how. No explanations in the clip, just the settings



 Title / LinkDateAuthorDescription
1IC-7300 using N1MM for the BIG SCREEN1-Aug-2017Steve EllingtonIf you have an IC-7300 you can now use N1MM's software to display the rig's scope, provide point and click tuning and integrate your favorite spotter to display on the screen. I forgot to mention that you will need to look under the WINDOW tab and activate the Spectrum DISPLAY.
Link to N1MM software: http://n1mm.hamdocs.com/tiki-index.php
2IC-7300 External Monitor N1MM Software1-Aug-2017Steve EllingtonNo extra hardware needed. Download N1MM logging software and follow procedures. This results in a full screen with many features
3N1MM Logger Spectrum Monitor Display Win 10 Pro Icom 7300 One USB Cable!21-Sep-2017K0PIRThe N1MM Logger Spectrum Monitor will not work unless the Icom 7300 Spectrum Scope is running. Change the Icom 7300 to CENTER and watch what you can do with the N1MM Logger Spectrum Monitor.
N1MM Full download: http://n1mm.hamdocs.com/tiki-index.php
In this clip:
1. Icom 7300 Menu and Connectors (Using one USB cable).
2. Windows 10 Pro device manager and COM port properties
3. N1MM Logger and Configure ports.
4. Spectrum Monitor and various settings.
5. I forgot, but hold down the Ctrl key while clicking in the waterfall and it will put you in SPLIT mode!
4** NEW **
IC-7300 CAT scope 1.2
27-Jul-2017SA0AND1. Demo of the frequency rounding. Most hams sends on frequencies rounded to the nearest 1 kHz
2. Fix or Center mode is possible to present
3. In Center mode you can change the scope span to be 50, 100 or 150 kHz
4. In Center mode you can step up or down in frequency presented on the scope within the bandplans
5. Edge 01-03 for each band can be edited and saved to the radio
6. Edge 01-03 can be displayed on the scope
7. Set different Ref levels for each band can be done
8. Radio's ref value is restored when this application is closed
9. Possible to set Split operation +5 or +10 kHz in the radio
10. At startup you only have to chosse the proper COM port. It will be saved for next time operation. A help text to set the right settings in the radio is displayed at first time. COM speed has to be 115200 bps



 Title / LinkDateAuthorDescription
1Icom 7300 USB CI-V Rig Control And Digital CW How To16-Apr-2016K0PIRAt first I just used a USB cable for rig control and digital modes but I could not send CW from DM780 and I wanted to send CW from that and N1MM Logger. I added a CI-V cable. I use it for rig control and the USB for digital modes, CW included. I haven't done RTTY yet, but will add a clip for that later
2Icom 7300 Receiver Settings For Digital Modes7-Sep-17K0PIRust a short clip to show some Icom 7300 receiver settings when using it for digital modes. This includes, but not limited too, AFSK, BPSK, JT65, JT9 & FT8. It would not include CW or RTTY (FSK). Included: 1. Setting radio to USB-D. 2. Increasing the FIL1 to 3.6k. 3. Turning AGC, NR, NB off
3Icom 7300 EASY Transmit Settings For Digital Operation14-Sep-2017K0PIRGoing back to the beginning. This is for Hams new to digital operation or the Icom 7300. You won't get into trouble following these settings



 Title / LinkDateAuthorDescription
1MFSK16 Overview with SSTV21-Sep-2017Tony, K2MODescription of MFSK Modes
2MT63 A Robust HF Chat Mode21-Sep-2007Tony, K2MOIZ8BLY's MT63 Software
3Digital Mode Identifier Video27-Nov-2013Tony, K2MOWaterfall display of several digital mode signals
4Tutorial How to decode Weather Fax on Shortwave Using FLDIGI26-Jan-2016OfficialSWLchannel, VE3CNUHow to Decode HF Fax Transmissions using FLDIGI software
5Sounds of HF Radio - Digital Modes and other Unusual Sounds26-Jun-2011Gough LuiA collection of various digital modes used by utilities, mariners and amateur radio users. There are various modes such as XSL, TADIL, HFDL, Pactor, CW, HF Fax, Packet, JT, ALE, DRM, RTTY and various OFDM schemes
6TCodec 2 - Open Source Speech Coding at 2400 bit/s and Below19-Jan-2012David RoweCodec2 is an open source low bit rate speech codec designed for communications quality speech at around 2400 bit/s. Applications include low bandwidth HF/VHF digital radio and VOIP trunking. Codec 2 operating at 2000 bit/s can send 32 phone calls using the bandwidth required for one 64 kbit/s uncompressed phone call. It fills a gap in open source, free-as-in-speech voice codecs beneath 5000 bit/s and is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
16-Mar-2011Tony, K2MOWinDRM was developed by Cesco, HB9TLK from the broadcast standard known as Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM). It uses an open source encoder/decoder called DREAM. WinDRM provides an efficient and robust method to exchange information over HF including Digital Voice. It runs efficiently under Windows and does not require any transceiver modifications. It can be used with any SSB HF rig with a computer and sound card setup similar to what is used to run PSK31. A USB microphone headset is required for voice input / output
8FreeDV, the new HF digital audio program for Radio Amateurs10-Dec-2012Bruce PerensWatch when it's switched to analog SSB. The SSB bandwidth is about 3 times that of the digital audio. Also note the diagonal black streaks across the waterfall display. That's fading, probably from two reflections arriving out of phase. There is a glitch when Tony goes to switch to SSB. maybe feedback on his side. The ID on the bottom is coming in during the silent periods between wordsfreedv
96M band meteor scatter qso with MSK144 mode13-Dec-2016VE2XKQso demonstration on meteor scatter with WSJT-X on MSK144 mode . Using the Flex 5000A and approx 400 W with my KPA500 into my 6 ele Cubex quad Killer Bee . Best view full screen and 1080p mode
10Clean Digital Signals Tutorial8-May-2014Nige Coleman, G7CNFDetails of how to set up the Windows Volume Mixer gain levels correctly and how to make sure the signal sampling rates are correct. Although prepared for an SDR transceiver, the principles in this tutorial apply equally to the IC-7300. A must-view for everyone transmitting digital signals



 Title / LinkDateAuthorDescription
1How to receive PSK-31, Introduction11-Aug-2007Randy, K7AGEHow to get Digipan up and running in a few minutes receiving PSK31 without needing any interface boxes or cables. I have even uploaded a video of PSK activity on 20 meters for you to practice receiving PSK31 and using Digipan
2HOT TIP: for BPSK-3111-Jan-2015The Radio HobbyistHere's a tip for those of you using narrow band digital modes, of which PSK-31 is one. Here I make a DX contact across the Atlantic into Portugal. Then I demonstrate how to use your bandwidth filters to really boost the DX signal
3How to adjust transmitter level for PSK-31 Ham Radio18-Nov-2007Randy, K7AGEThis video shows how to correctly setup your transmit audio level to insure clean PSK31 signals
4 PSK-31 UPPER lower Case Test16-Oct-2013Randy, K7AGEI made this video for part of my PACIFON PSK-31 forum, and I thought I would share this with my youtube viewers
51-Getting Started with Fldigi/NBEMS11-Feb-2017 Rick Frost, K4REFFirst in a series on learning to use Fldigi and NBEMS
62-Fldigi Set Up & Configuration for New Users11-Feb-2017 Rick Frost, K4REF How to set up and configure Fldigi for first time users
73-Fldigi UI and Basic Operations
24-Feb-2017 Rick Frost, K4REFShows Fldigi's User Interface and basic Transmit & Receive Operations
84-Using Macros in Fldigi & Using Flwrap25-Feb-2017 Rick Frost, K4REFMacros in Fldigi
95-Flmsg Configuration & Operations17-Feb-2017Rick Frost, K4REFSet Up, Configuration and Basic Operations of Flmsg for new users
106-Flamp Configuration & Operations26-Feb-2017 Rick Frost, K4REFHow to send files with the Fldigi system
11What Is Winlink?15-Apr-2015Rick Frost, K4REFAn introduction to the Winlink world-wide system for transferring email via radio
12WSJT-X: JT65 - Basic Beginner Tutorial18-Jan-2016Jeff McGrathA "quick" example I created when I was first getting started with Digital Modes on Ham Radio. Specifically WSJT-X
13WSJT-X JT-ALERT Automatically Logs To HRDLog17-Dec-2016K0PIRHam Radio Digital Mode for the Fast & Furious! A short demonstration on the new digital mode FT-8 developed by K1JT & K9AN. Part of the WSJT-X software suite. We'll go over how to call CQ, and a basic QSO of this mode
14 New Digital Mode FT-8 17-Jul-2017SignalsearchEric, KJ4YZI
15FT-8, The New HF/6m Digital Mode, Introduction For Beginners30-Jul-2017Eric, KJ4YZIHere is a new digital mode that comes to you from the makers of JT-9 and JT-65.. Called FT-8 (Franke-Taylor design, 8FSK modulation). A weak signal mode that is not as sensitive to JT-65/9 but definitely something that will work when voice and CW will not. This is an introduction to someone who has never heard of it, or never has used JT-65 before. It may not be for everyone, but everyone should try it. [Additional note: make sure you use the latest version/release candidate of the software. At present (September 2017) the current version is RC 2]
16 Quick-Start Guide to Automatic Link Establishment (ALE)16-Oct-2012Tony, K2MOHow to install PC-ALE


 Title / LinkDateAuthorDescription
1Ic-7300 RTTY Decode and CW filtering8-Apr-2016Peter JacksonIn this video, I am tuning around on 40m when I come across a RTTY signal and change modes to decode it on the IC-7300
2Icom 7300 RTTY FSK Setup MMTTY N1MM How To17-Apr-2016K0PIRDo you want FSK? The Icom 7300 is ready for it. I'm using two cables. A USB for digital modes and a CI-V for rig control. Software: Windows 10, MMTTY and N1MM Logger. MMTTY will read the frequency from the 7300: In MMTTY go to options...setup and under the TX tab choose Radio Command. There you can set the radio and MMTTY will sync with the frequency on the 7300. On the Radio command window choose your com port (mine is com6, CI-V cable). Under Model I chose Icom CI-V
3Mode FT8 Icom 7300 WSJT X And JTAlert Settings1-Aug-2017K0PIRIf you have the Icom 7300 and you want to use FT8, this is the video for you. I'm using two cables. One CI-V and one USB. In this video: Icom 7300 settings, AGC, NR, NB settings, turning AGC off, increasing FIL1 to 3.6k, split mode operation, device manager and USB driver date, WSJT-X settings and JTAlert settings.

(Sorry, in the Icom 7300 menu (2:31) under CI-V I have it UNLINKED! The default is Link to [REMOTE]. CI-V USB Port = Unlink from [REMOTE] should be showing as in the clip)
4WSJT-X Installation and Configuration For Receive19-Sep-2017Bootstrap WorekbenchInstalling WSJT-X and configuring the software to talk to the Icom IC-7300. Includes information on setting CI-V baud rate, data bits, stop bits, AGC, Noise Blanker, Noise Reducer, and more. Also covers setting sound devices and audio levels
5WSJT-X v1.7 and Icom IC-7300"30-Dec-2016Matt Patterson, W5LLVideo of my setup using a Icom IC-7300 with the latest version of WSJT-X. [Since this video was recorded, the latest version is now v1.8]
6WSJT X Wide Graph Waterfall And Icom 7300 Settings"10-Jan-2017K0PIRWhen I first started using WSJT-X I had a horrible waterfall. There were dark blotches and it didn't look good. No where near the look of the waterfall in the WSJT-X User Guide. I don't imagine I was hearing as many stations as I could have been either. This is how I fixed it. If you want to transmit above 2700 Hz you can operate in SPLIT mode. In WSJT-X go to File-Settings-Radio and click on Rig underneath Split Operation. That will do it
24-Jan-2017K0PIRPart 1 starts with Icom 7300 setup in the menu and connectors. In preparation for connecting to HRD and HRDLogbook. 03:03 Setting up Icom 7300 for receiving and transmitting JT65, JT9 and WSPR. Turning AGC Off! Setting FIL1 to 3.6K 05:25 Starts where we connect with HRD and HRDLogbook setup. Auto uploads to QRZ.com, eQSL and HRDLog.net 10:10 WSJT-X setup. Split operation and turning off LOCK TX=RX
8ICOM 7300 WSJT-X COMBINED WITH HRD AND JT ALERT PART 225-Jan-2017K0PIRThis is Part 2 and begins with JT-Alert. 03:34 Scans HRD Log for setting up alerts. 07:00 Setup JT-Alert to start WSJT-X automatically. 09:19 begins with making contacts. 10:05 see split operation working. 16:34 CONTACT! 20:23 HRDLogbook receives the QSO and sends QSO's to eQSL, QRZ, HRDLog.net. From HRDLog.net it gets sent to twitter. Self spotting on Twitter! JT65 and JT9 are two of my favorite digital modes
95-"WSJT-X JT-ALERT Automatically Logs To HRDLog"17-Dec-2016K0PIR
10Icom 7300 N3FJP ACLog WSJT X JTAlert Rig Control And Logging11-Aug-2017K0PIRThank you Eric, KB3KNX, for the great question: "If I connect the CI-V to N3FJP's ACLog and use the USB to WSJT-X. Can I operate the IC-7300 independent of each other? Can I switch to DX using ACLogs DX spotting without the two programs conflicting with each other?" YES, you can click on a spot in AClog and the radio will jump to that frequency and mode. You can then use WSJT-X to go back to the digital frequency. NOTE: If you are using Split Operation (Rig) in WSJT-X pay attention to VFO B when changing frequencies or bands. If you are using two cables like me for your Icom 7300 and you want to use N3FJP Amateur Contact Log with WSJT-X and JTAlert, this is the way to do it. Select "Unlink from [REMOTE]" in the Icom 7300 menu settings under CI-V. You can use either program (WSJT-X or ACLog) to control the radio. In this video: 1. N3FJP Amateur Contact Log rig setup for the IC-7300 using the CI-V cable. 2. Enable TCP API in ACLog. 3. Icom 7300 menu and settings in the radio. 4. WSJT-X rig setup using the Icom 7300 as rig and the USB cable. 5. JTAlert setup so it logs into ACLog. 6. Net-Time, time sync application. 7. FT8 contact and logging to ACLog
11Icom 7300 Fldigi Setup7-Jun-2016K0PIRWith all of the software programs I've been using one of my main objectives is to keep the settings on the radio the same. In the first part of this clip those settings are shown. So whether I'm using N1MM, N3FJP, MMTTY or Fldigi, the rig settings stay the same. There are different ways of doing this, but using this setup I've been very happy. I am using two cables, one for rig control (CI-V) and one for data and serial comm port keying (USB). I am also using a USB hub so I only have one cable running into my laptop, but this USB hub may be causing intermittent problems. Not while I am operating thankfully. Just be aware of possible issues using a USB hub
122 Minute Icom 7300 Ham Radio Deluxe Setup28-Apr-2016K0PIRJust getting Ham Radio Deluxe setup here. Using two cables, one CI-V for rig control and one USB for data (sound card)
132 Minute Icom 7300 Ham Radio Deluxe Setup16-Apr-2016K0PIRAt first I just used a USB cable for rig control and digital modes but I could not send CW from DM780 and I wanted to send CW from that and N1MM Logger. I added a CI-V cable. I use it for rig control and the USB for digital modes, CW included. I haven't done RTTY yet, but will
14Using RTTY digital mode with an ICOM 730017-Mar-2017Curt RowlettShort video showing how RTTY is used in combination with Ham Radio Deluxe and an ICOM 7300 radio
15Icom 7300 Fine Tuning PSK31 Clean Signal How To21-Apr-2016K0PIR In the beginning I was a little unhappy with my power output while trying to produce a clean signal on PSK31, ie., no ALC showing. After reading a few good articles on PSK31 I have managed to fine tune the Icom 7300 and produce a nice clean signal on PSK31 while still getting Po close to what is set in the transceiver
16Icom 7300 HRD DM780 PSK31 USB How To13-Apr-2016K0PIRThis is a clip on how to setup Ham Radio Deluxe, Digital Master 780 and the Icom 7300 with just a USB cable for rig control and PSK31. I'm using the free version 5.24.38
17NEW Mode FT8 Icom 7300 WSJT X And JTAlert Settings1-Aug-2017K0PIRIf you have the Icom 7300 and you want to use FT8, this is the video for you. I'm using two cables. One CI-V and one USB. In this video: Icom 7300 settings, AGC, NR, NB settings, turning AGC off, increasing FIL1 to 3.6k, split mode operation, device manager and USB driver date, WSJT-X settings and JTAlert settings
18Transmitting in Olivia digital mode with an ICOM 730014-Mar-2017Curt Rowlett, W9SPYOlivia
19** NEW **
Icom 7300 MacLoggerDX Setup
25-Mar-2017K0PIRSetup the Icom 7300 for use with MacLoggerDX. This clip shows the radio setup as well as software. I am using one USB cable and my old iMac. Once the radio is setup, move on to the software. From Dogparksoftware.com you'll find links to everything you need including the USB drivers. The trial version allows you to operate for 15 minutes each time you open the program.
Once the software is running it's very simple to configure MacLoggerDX. Go to MacLoggerDX,Preferences,Radio
20** NEW **
WSJT-X Installation on iMac For Icom 7300, Shared Memory Increased
28-Mar-2017K0PIRWSJT-X makes use of a block of memory which is shared between different parts of the code. The normal allocation of shared memory on a Mac is insufficient and this has to be increased. This video clip shows how to do that and get WSJT-X working on a Mac
21** NEW **
Setup Icom 7300 On iMac With RUMLogNG
11-Feb-2017K0PIRThis is for beginners and I’m a beginner on the Mac, but it proved to be simple. I got a used iMac and I’m setting it up for Ham Radio. In this clip it’s just a matter of getting the USB driver for the Icom 7300 installed and then installing RUMLogNG.Very easy stuff and more to come! If you haven't heard you won't believe what RUMLogNG can do with the Icom 7300