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*******     Updated  21 February 2018

First of all, thanks to the many people who sent me emails after the introduction of the IC-7300 Resources Page in November. The reaction was very positive, and several people included details of items to add to the site. This February 2018 update includes these items.

What’s new this month

  1. SOFTWARE There is a new entry for the Silicon Labs Virtual COM port driver for Mac OSX.
  2. FIRMWARE Icom recently released version 1.20 of the IC-7300 firmware.
    Remember: the firmware update process includes a full reset of the rig, so if you have made any changes to user settings that you want to keep, you should save them first on an SD card, and load them back in again after the firmware update. Also remember that each firmware upgrade contains all previous upgrades, so there is no need to revert to previous versions.
  3. HOWTOs  Added four documents:
    —  USB CAT Setup: a diagram from G1MHU showing the USB CAT interface
    HOW to set up WSJT-X: by G1MHU. A detailed description step-by-step showing front panel setup, USB audio switching and troubleshooting
    HOWTO build a paddle-to-straight key controller switch using an Arduino: by ON7DQ. Full instructions on building an Arduino-based controller, including full hardware and software details
    Icom IC-7300 Digital Mode Settings: by WA7EWC. Information on settings for various digital modes
  4. TECHNOTES Added two documents:
    IC-7300 TechNote: C-IV Controls — The Big Picture: by G3NRW. Full details of the five IC-7300 CI-V commands, with many explanatory diagrams and examples of CI-V commands
    IC-7300 TechNote: UK 60m Band Settings: by G3NRW. Full details for setting up the band edges for the UK 60m band (which consists of 11 separate sub-bands)
  5. USEFUL TOOLS by NirSoft. A link to an updated version of USBDeview, which now properly displays COM ports for FTDI devices
  6. OTHER SOFTWARE Four additions to this page:
    DXLab Update: Commander now supports spectrum/waterfall display on an external monitor

    Example of DXLab Commander spectrum/waterfall display on external monitor
    N4PY Software: by N4PY. Software for rig control, amplifier control, logging, station integration
    Remote Remote rig control
    N1MM+ Logger: by N1MM. Now supports spectrum/waterfall display on external monitor
    Example of N1MM+ spectrum/waterfall display of signals on 40m on an external monitor in G3NRW’s shack. The continuous carriers at the right edge of the display are very strong 40m AM broadcast stations just above 7.200 MHz. (Note that the shack was tidied up specially for the photo!)
  7. OTHER HARDWARE Three additions to this page:
    — 630m Transceiver
    from Monitor Sensors
    — Transverter interface kit for the IC-7300 from Kuhne Electronic
    Click2Tune for Icom from SOTA Beams — Provides control for transmitting a low-power tuning signal for tuning the antenna system. No need to change the mode before transmitting
  8. VIDEOS Five new videos to add to this very long page:
    — IC-7300 with Inrad RX7300 RX Antenna Port
    Installation by N4LQ. Includes useful diagram showing many ways to configure the RX7300
    Modifying the band edges on the Icom IC-7300 by G0TAN. Clear demonstration of setting up the band edges for the 5 MHz band
    IC-7300 CAT Scope v1.2 from SA0AND. Further additions to this interesting package
    WSJT-X installation on an iMac by K0PIR. This includes increasing the size of the block of memory shared between different parts of the code (necessary for the Mac)
    Setup the ICOM-7300 on an iMac with RumLogNG by K0PIR
    Incidentally, some people have sent me links to other videos, but they were unwatchable — out of focus, camera wobbling all over the place, and screen shots so tiny they were unreadable. C’mon folks, you need to focus, find something stable to sit the camera on, and put yourself in the position of people who are new to all this and need to be able to read the screenshots. You know it makes sense!
  9. MISCELLANEOUS  The button previously labeled in this section as “Yahoo Groups” is now re-labeled “Meeting Places”, to include the wider selection of IC-7300 discussion groups, the new IC-7300 Facebook page and the weekly on-air net on 20m
That’s it for the new entries this time. I hope you find the site useful, and as usual I welcome any additions (and corrections) to the site for the next update to the G3NRW IC-7300 Resources Page.
Ian, G3NRW


The IC-7300 Resources Page

The basic intent of the IC-7300 Resources Page is to act as a single focal point for all information to do with the IC-7300. Newcomers to the rig should find this particularly useful and convenient.
Note that no original documents are stored anywhere on the Resources Page. Instead, all table entries are URLs pointing to the documents themselves. This ensures that whenever the document owners modify the document content, you will always find the up-to-date versions.
Note also I am very aware there are several sites covering the IC-7300 that have been long established, and which many people refer to. Probably the most well-known of these are the sites created by Adam Farson, VA7OJ/AB4OJ. I fully acknowledge the existence of these sites, and have absolutely no intention of duplicating or superseding them, or “stealing their thunder”!
Next,  you may wonder why this site is called a Resources “Page” (singular), when the site actually comprises many pages. This goes back to previous sites I have built covering several rigs and test equipment, at a time when I had no experience of building “proper” websites.
Instead, each site was lovingly carved out in raw html in a single page using a plain text editor! Inevitably the pages eventually became so large and unmanageable that I finally bit the bullet by learning WordPress. First candidate was the TS-590 Family Resources Page, which I broke down into many separate pages with  much better site navigation. However, because it was based on the original single “Page”, the name has stuck. This IC-7300 Resources Page is closely modeled on the TS-590 Page.


A quick tour of the sections in the G3NRW IC-7300 Resources Page

DOCUMENTATION This consists of several listings of Icom and Icom-related documentation:
  • Introductory Documentation
  • Technical Documentation: Links to the IC-7300 Basic Manual, Full Manual, Service Manual etc
  • RS-BA1 Remote Control Software Documentation
  • IC-7300 Reviews
  • Other Documentation Sources
SOFTWARE URLs of Icom software.
FIRMWARE  Details of the current IC-7300 firmware release, plus older versions that are still available from Icom.
HOWTOs  A selection of user-written HOWTOs on various topics.
TECHNOTES  A selection of user-written technical support files, and a table for general Technical Reference Books.
USEFUL TOOLS  This is a large collection of software utilities that you will find useful when connecting the IC-7300 to a Windows PC. They include serial port monitors, serial port emulators, Windows latency monitor, hex editor, audio cable emulator and much else besides.
OTHER SOFTWARE A listing of application management and control software packages (DXLab, Ham Radio deLuxe, WCS software from RT Systems etc), plus a much longer listing of well-known digital communications apps that you can run with the IC-7300 (fldigi, WSJT-X, WSPR and about 30 more).
OTHER HARDWARE  This section contains links to non-Icom hardware that is either produced specifically for the IC-7300 or which supports several rigs including the IC-7300.
VIDEOS  This is the “big daddy” section of the IC-7300 Resources Page, consisting of more than 80 (mostly) YouTube videos covering all aspects of setting up and using the IC-7300. For convenience the videos are grouped as follows:
  • Introduction to the IC-7300
  • IC-7300 Hints and Tips
  • Spectrum Scope
  • External Display Software
  • Digital Setup
  • Digital Modes: General
  • Digital Packages: General
  • Digital Packages: IC-7300-Specific
Some of the videos are only a few minutes in duration, but very effective in illustrating points of detail that no amount of reading the printed user manuals can match.
MISCELLANEOUS  Three topics are covered here:
  • Signal Monitoring: a miscellaneous collection of links to sites where you can arrange skeds, monitor your own signals and provide signal reports to others
  • Meeting Points: details of IC-7300 Yahoo Groups, the IC-7300 Facebook page and the weekly SDR on-air discussion group on 20m
  • Contact Icom
FEEDBACK  The place where you can submit feedback to the IC-7300 Resources Page owner.
MORE G3NRW SITES  A listing of other sites created by G3NRW.


All trademarks and company registrations mentioned on the IC-7300 Resources Page are acknowledged and remain the property of their respective owners